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March 20, 2009


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My life circumstances challenged me, I struggled growing up with many misfortunes. I always wanted to be something great like a lawyer or business woman .What made me thirst for success even more was that my childhood was crazy and I promised myself that my life as an adult would be competant, concise, clean and mostly calm.
I knew the only way was to get out of the house, go to college and make a lot of cash. So doctor, I am commenting with my opinion that I have grit because my rocky child experiences and my life being drug through the mud. Of course I had the intelligence, I learned to be incredible resourceful and my drive to overcome was built over the years. I don't think I would be as passionate about succeeding had it not been for my crazy family. Thanks guys.

Nicki Marcellino

Changing my focus to "What I Want" instead of "What I Don't Want"...shortens the turn around time to rebound from setback, allows my creative mind to engage more easily in solutions and increases energy needed.

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