Lifetime Customer Value and Your Favorite Dentist

The traditional real estate model is unique in today’s world of technology in that it is heavily dependent on quality relationships. You need these relationships to generate referrals and lifetime customer value. It’s essential to remain cognizant of this fact in every aspect of your business if you want to remain successful and continue to earn those referrals. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to learn more and find out what your business has in common with your favorite dentist.

The 2 Reasons Your “Why” is So Important for Hiring and Performance

We’ve all experienced frustration in hiring the right people and getting them to perform.

You know it’s a common problem, but did you know the source of the problem is also surprisingly common?

In fact, organizational psychologists have agreed this may be the biggest blindspot for leaders who hire and coach.

Simon Sinek advised us to “start with why.”  Today, you’ll learn how to “remember your why” when trying to inspire those you lead.



The 2 Growth Accelerators Every Real Estate Leader Should Be Using

Many real estate leaders and managers overextend themselves in ways they may not even realize. As a result they are prone to experience excessive periods of stress.  This stress leads to less-than-optimal performance—both for them and the organizations they lead.

In order for your business to accelerate, your “best self” must be present and engaged in your work every day.  Today, I’ll explain how to employ and focus your energy, creativity, and insight to do your best work and quickly move your team towards success.


The 2 Reasons Most Agents Get Stuck

As a coach and mentor, you’re rooting for your agents to succeed.   But in spite of your best efforts to help them reach their goals, some of them get stuck.   This is especially true for new agents or individuals who haven’t yet tasted much success.  It’s really frustrating to watch someone with a lot of potential freeze up and become debilitated.

How Do you Get Them Unstuck?

In today’s WorkPuzzle, I’ll reveal what’s going on in the minds of most agents who are stuck.  With this background, I’ll then provide a solution that you can use in your next coaching session or meeting with a struggling agent.