A Loyal Customer in 13 Seconds?

Building a group of people who love you, trust you, and recommend you is a necessary component of any service business. A loyal fan base drives all kinds of positive business outcomes.

Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to learn how you can build your own loyal fan base. It will take much longer than 13 seconds, but the results will last much longer as well.


Seeing Instead of Selling

Have you ever gone out of your way to notice or point out a unique trait or characteristic someone possesses?  Being “seen” or noticed by someone builds a strong connection between the two parties.

Many salespeople, recruiters, and leaders are working so hard to be seen (marketing ourselves), they miss the importance and utility of “seeing” others.

Learning how to master this simple technique is a great way to increase your performance in 2019.

Lifetime Customer Value and Your Favorite Dentist

The traditional real estate model is unique in today’s world of technology in that it is heavily dependent on quality relationships. You need these relationships to generate referrals and lifetime customer value. It’s essential to remain cognizant of this fact in every aspect of your business if you want to remain successful and continue to earn those referrals. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to learn more and find out what your business has in common with your favorite dentist.

The 2 Reasons Your “Why” is So Important for Hiring and Performance

We’ve all experienced frustration in hiring the right people and getting them to perform.

You know it’s a common problem, but did you know the source of the problem is also surprisingly common?

In fact, organizational psychologists have agreed this may be the biggest blindspot for leaders who hire and coach.

Simon Sinek advised us to “start with why.”  Today, you’ll learn how to “remember your why” when trying to inspire those you lead.