Poor Candidate Experiences: Part 2

Last week, I talked about how the negative impact of a bad interview can leak into a company’s customer base and compromise its brand. My example included a large cable company who lost millions of dollars due to poor interviews. You can listen to that Podcast here. So what did the cable company do to change? Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out how their changes can help your recruitment practices and perhaps even lower your cost of customer acquisition.

Poor Candidate Experiences May Cost You Millions

Let’s say a candidate has a bad interview experience at your company. Have you ever stopped to wonder how vast of an impact that single experience could have on your company as a whole? Over the next couple weeks, I’ll talk about a compelling example of how a single botched interview can effect your company more than you might think. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out why improving your candidate’s experience is in everyone’s best interest.


How to Improve Your Candidate Experience

During the recruitment process, what is your candidate’s experience? This is the question top talent recruiters are asking themselves. It’s possible that your current system is actually negatively affecting your recruitment efforts. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out how to improve your candidate experience and recruit the best possible talent.

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