Knowing Your Impact

Have you ever doubted the impact you’re having on those in your company or office?

If you have, you’re not alone. We all have days where we wonder if we’re really making a difference.

When we focus too much on these doubts, we tend to become complacent. In turn, our work loses its potential for meaning.

Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to learn how to add meaning to your work and  become a more impactful leader.

The Scientific Way to Become a Better Leader

Have you ever participated in a scientific conference?

If not, I’d like to give you a peek into the mindset of the scientists who make some of our society’s most noteworthy breakthroughs.

These are humble individuals who are committed to examining the data. They’re very open to scrutiny and inspire others in their quest for the truth.

Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle and find out how applying these same principles in your work will make you a better leader.

Grow Your Business by Embracing Stagnation

This may seem like unconventional wisdom, but feeling stagnation may be the catalyst you need to experience your next season of growth.

When things are running smoothly, we’re naturally lulled into the delusion that everything is just fine. This feeling of well-being often leads to complacency and stagnation. It’s a cancer that eats at motivation and eventually causes failure.

Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to learn how to turn that feeling of stagnation into a growth-producing momentum.

Curiosity Leads to High Performance

Have you ever had a teacher, leader or coach who feeds you endless knowledge, and expects you to apply what you’ve learned?

While the best mentors provide such information and insight, they also motivate others to be curious about generating their own knowledge.

Fostering curiosity transforms ordinary people into life-long learners and achievers.

Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to learn how you can start using curiosity to motivate those around you.



A Loyal Customer in 13 Seconds?

Building a group of people who love you, trust you, and recommend you is a necessary component of any service business. A loyal fan base drives all kinds of positive business outcomes.

Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to learn how you can build your own loyal fan base. It will take much longer than 13 seconds, but the results will last much longer as well.