Tidemark is Now…ThirdPool Recruiting

As many of you know, the WorkPuzzle blog has been produced and edited by Tidemark since its inception in 2008. For Dave, myself, and most of the other contributors, Tidemark is our “day job.”

Third Pool RecruitingTidemark is a recruiting process outsourcing company that helps real estate companies recruit more effectively. It was founded in 2003. Many of the readers of WorkPuzzle are employed by the companies who use Tidemark software and services.

We have some exciting news we’d like to share today: Tidemark is now ThirdPool Recruiting.

The idea for updating our brand was conceived earlier this year, and we’ve been working hard for the past six months to make it a reality. We believe the new brand better reflects our identity as a company and will help us focus our energy on the activities that bring the highest value to our clients.

What is the ThirdPool?

In the world of real estate recruiting, candidates are sourced from three distinct locations:

Pool #1: Experienced Agents. These are agents currently working for a competitor.

Pool #2: New Agents. These are prospective new agents who have decided to get into the real estate industry on their own. They are actively engaged in getting a license and prepping to start their new career.

Pool #3: New-to-Real Estate Agents. These are prospective new agents who work in other industries and are considering a real estate career for the first time.

ThirdPool Recruiting

Many of the most successful and talented agents in real estate companies today are sourced from the ThirdPool. Agents from the ThirdPool bring innovation, energy, and insight to companies seeking to compete successfully in the rapidly changing marketplace.

While this type of recruiting is critical and often produces the best long-term results, it’s also the most difficult to execute. It’s prone to discouragement because the results are not immediate and some of the best success stories go unnoticed.

ThirdPool Recruiting (previously Tidemark) provides tools, services, and consulting to equip companies to be more effective at recruiting.

What Hasn’t Changed…

If you’re a client of ThirdPool Recruiting, you’ll still be working with the same group of partners, employees, and friends you’ve come to know and trust over the years. The brand change does not relate to an acquisition or a change of ownership. It’s merely a statement of how we’ve grown as a company and learned who we are over the last 12 years.

If you’re a WorkPuzzle reader, nothing has changed. Our team will continue our quest to understand the “simple psychology of people.”

To help us celebrate this change, take a look at our new website, and then drop us a note and let us know what you think. You can email us at workpuzzle@thirdpool.com.


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