A Brand New Direction

I’m really excited about today’s Podcast because I’m taking things in a brand new direction. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about recruiting and interviewing and now it’s time to focus on training and coaching. I need your help with this though! Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out what the next few months will hold and how you can participate to get the most out of it.


Getting it Right by Being Wrong

We all love to be right. But proving ourselves right is the enemy of objectivity when it comes to hiring. Today, we continue to explore how our assumptions may be getting in the way of hiring well. The worst part of this tendency is that we’re not even aware that it’s happening. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out how to keep yourself accountable and protected from falling into the trap of wanting to be right.


Hiring and the Halo Effect

Last week, we looked at how keeping your assumptions in check can lead to better hires. This week, I’ll introduce you to the “halo effect” and how it impacts your perception of candidates. So what is the “halo effect” and how is it compromising your evaluation of a candidate? Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out and learn how to protect yourself from taking on this very common practice.