The Drug of Choice for Achievers

We’ve covered practical steps to goals, mindset and planning. Now for the fun stuff; how to use the biochemistry of your brain to your advantage. This fascinating component of achievement delivers some great news: there are things you can do to positively impact your neurological make-up. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out how to leverage this substance for your brains best work.


Plan, Execute, Repeat

What do successful people and professional athletes have in common? Today, I’ll discuss the importance of making a game plan and sticking to it no matter what. There is a great deal of evidence about how this practice can give you the results you desire. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out what making and committing to a game plan looks like.


What’s Your Motivation?

This week, I want to challenge you to think about what motivates you. Are you driven to help yourself? Or are you driven to help others? The answer to this question can have a significant impact on your personal well-being, happiness and your level of engagement with people and tasks. Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out where your motivation is leading you.


A Brand New Direction

I’m really excited about today’s Podcast because I’m taking things in a brand new direction. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about recruiting and interviewing and now it’s time to focus on training and coaching. I need your help with this though! Listen to today’s WorkPuzzle to find out what the next few months will hold and how you can participate to get the most out of it.